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Modern Medicine Delivered With Old Fashioned Care

General Health Care For the Whole Family

It can be very comforting and helpful to have a doctor who knows your family unit and follows each of you through the years.  There is value in your primary care physician knowing who you are.


Well baby exams starting at one month old. 

Vaccine questions.

Looking for the cause not just prescribing drugs treats ear infections, rashes, colds, asthma and even mental focus issues more effectively than drugs alone.


General pelvic, breast exams and pap smears.

Alternative treatments for abnormal pap results, endometriosis and bleeding issues.

Premenstrual difficulties (PMS) evaluated and treated.


Treatment with or without hormone replacement therapy.  Risk evaluation.

Bio identical hormone therapy.  Dr. Keaton has 20 years of experience in prescribing.


Complete physical exams.

Specialized plans for prostate issues.


We can draw your blood in the convenience of our office.

Private pay or insurance pay with SONORA.  Insurance billing only with LAB CORP.

Specialty Labs for extended cardiac risk assessment, complete thyroid assessment, intracellular nutrition status, Metal toxicity, Neurotransmitter imbalances, parasites, candida, food reactivity, and hormonal evaluation

Genetic predisposition testing.

Evaluation and removal of warts, moles and precancerous skin problems.


Detoxification plans with monitoring of toxicity status.

Weight Loss programs with monitoring of fat to muscle ratios.

Specialized nutrient laboratory testing.

Intravenous or intramuscular nutrient injections.


Spider Vein injections to dissolve the small veins.

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture.

Pre surgical plans to enhance the outcome of any surgery, especially cosmetic surgery.


Dr. Keaton is skilled in classical or acute prescribing.


TCM traditional Chinese medicine.  Dr. Keaton has practiced since 1989 and has been licensed in the State of Arizona since the licensing law was created.

Pain treatments.


Dr. Keaton developed and taught the oncology program for the naturopathic medical school.  She has studied internationally and has specific treatment plans for all stages of cancer therapy.


Nambudripad Allergy Desensitization Technique

Allergy desensitization with drops under the tongue.

Herbal antihistamine treatments with less side effects.